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Exclusive Helmets Davida


Cafe Racer 69 is the official Exclusive Berlin Dealer for:

Davida  - Highest Quality, Luxury Open Face Motorcycle Helmets Made In England, UK.


At Davida we have been defining quality in our own way for more than thirty years. It has been a genuine and relentless pursuit rewarded by a worldwide reputation for the quietest, most comfortable, and well made open face motorcycle helmets available.

We Store a lot of Designs and sizes from all

• Classics (the official 70's Race Helmet, Fiberglas, Leather, Linen)

• Speedster (the original 70's shelf size, most comfortable lightweight)

• Jet (ECE Normed)

• Speedster V3 (Brand New in 2017) (70's shelf, ECE and DOT Normed)

Totally Handmade

Full Leather Lined inside

The quiets open Face Helmet you can ride
Custom Designs and colours on special Order

Exclusive Helmets Hedon


Cafe Racer 69 Berlin is the official Exclusive Berlin Dealer for:

Hedon - derived from the word Hedonism: the relentless search for pleasure.
Hedon’s goal is simply to provide the most pleasant experience on everybody’s
journey for Hedonism. In 2011 Lindsay and Reginald, with extensive experience
in design and helmet crafting, came together to create Hedon. Tired of conventional
style, they set out on a mission to rethink the urban rider’s protective headgear.
They wanted something bold, refined and nostalgic with comfort as a driving point
above all else.  A necessary accessory for the discerning rider.

Fiberglas Carbon Shelf

Fully real Soft Leather lined (Calf Leather)

ECE Normed 

See all Styles from Hedonist

For Real Goggles AVIATOR


in our opinion there is only one choice. May, there are some different similar but at the end it stays at AVIATOR® Goggles.

Made from soft real leather for highest wearing comfort over hours. Many different Metall frame colours, different lense colours (clear, smoke, yellow) possible. Last but not least you will get every single spare parts for your googles if needed.


Try and feel the difference. 

For Real Goggles Baruffaldi


Ok ok, there is a second choice. BARUFFALDI is similiar brilliant. They're 

Made from soft leather for highest wearing comfort over hours too.

The Baruffaldi company was born before 1932, it started producing industrially in 1936-37 and was situated in the east of Milan. The company was a famous producer of ski glasses, motor and climbing glasses, so important that it began to sponsor “Valanga Azzurra” and “Thoeni”, Nuvolari, Ascari: Baruffaldi became the first ski brand in the world, the second in the moto-goggle sector and the first Italian brand in the branch of security products.

Try and feel the difference. 

The Rokker Company - Kevlar or Style

THE ROKKER COMPANY believes that passion to ride a motorcycle is inseparable from style, and only a strong belief creates uniqueness that will stand the test of time. Unique in this sense is THE ROKKER COMPANY apparel because we understand that the feeling

of freedom is to be safe and comfortable on a bike as well as looking good between the rides.

We are uncompromising regarding the combination of the best materials with the appreciation
of esthetics. We will always concentrate on highest quality and fine details.

To meet our commitment, we use high quality products from schoeller®-innovative fabrics for the best protection. The look rises from a combination of premium denim and exclusive design.
Our goal is to «feel free in every situation of your life». 
riding style – riding ROKKER

Vespa® & Accessiores


Last but realy not least, we store a lot of Accessoires for you, your Home and at least also for your Vespa.


• T-Shirts

• Key Chains

• Cups

• Bags

• Pins, Patches, Stickers

• Gifts

• etc....

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